What is a Mentor

A mentor is a guide, a support system, a wise friend, an intuitive coach, and a living example who ignites an inner awakening to follow ones own path.  Although some of my clients consider me a teacher, I consider myself more of a practical intuitive guide. I am not here to teach but rather help one unlearn what’s in the way of one’s authentic self, their true path and support them on that journey.

I work with clients around the world via Skype/ phone  on a personal and professional basis depending on their situation and needs.

I have a very grounded practical approach using different creative and perceptual tools that I have learned through my own life/work experiences that can possibly bring light to an area of life that might be blocked, troubling or just needing insight.

 It this seems to speak to you, I would love to hear from you.

Phyllis Lane

I would love to hear from you and support you in your greatest potential. Contact me and we will create a customized plan to meet your personal and professional needs.

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Phyllis Lane brings her utmost presence and heart to each person she meets. During our coaching, she went to the core with her intuition and innate wisdom. I feel from my experience I gained inner clarity, tangible daily practices and deeper inner connection. I still to this day utilize the profound tools and skills she helped me see within myself.

Jennifer Rogers Photographer

"Photography is not about photography, it is about everything else."

Sam Garcia — in Jay Maisel’s book “It’s not about the F Stop”

Phyllis Lane’s seven-week mentoring program is indeed about ‘everything else’.  Specifically, everything else that has to do with creativity, vision and artistic expression.This ‘everything else’, as it turns out, is the most important aspect of living any creative life, no matter what your expressive tool is. I began the seven-week program anxious about figuring out exposures and ‘getting it right’.  The technical aspects were weighing heavily on my mind—at the expense of everything else.  Phyllis quickly taught me that all that ‘stuff’ will come…that’s your 10,000 hours, but to truly find yourself in your photography—your voice, your vision—you must work through what is blocking your creative flow. You must get back in touch with your body so you can feel when you are flowing and when you are blocked.  Typically, the block shows up as the many faces of fear that can stop you in your tracks and keep you wound up in your head.  Phyllis implements a variety of truly unique ways that got me out of my head, out of my thinking mind and flowing more freely and openly in the creativity realm.  With each project/assignment, I gained more and more confidence and learned how to keep the creativity flowing instead of allowing the fear to seize and block the flow.  Phyllis is a true a mentor.  She is empathetic, compassionate, listens carefully and really hears you, and most importantly, gives you the tools to fly…to do more than you first thought possible.  Phyllis’ seven-week mentoring program is a one-of-a-kind experience that will change you.

Nicole Sanders — Former Scientist, Photographer, Artist

I have always been drawn to Phyllis since I met her, due to her strong yet gentle presence. She clearly has lived a life marked by integrity, success, strength, creativity and evolution. She has created her own beautiful life, on her own terms. The best way to put it is 'she walks her talk.' And I wanted to learn how to do it too. I originally hired Phyllis for assistance with a change in my career, feeling a void in my life, I learned what we see on the outside is representation for what is inside. Most notably, I learned to BE who I am, to listen for WHO I am, and to honor WHO I am. Not only has my professional life evolved and improved, my health and personal life has too. I learned how to get clarity on what I really wanted for my life. I continue to use the tools, resources of our work together. Hard to fully articulate, but I certainly received so much more. I am so grateful for it.

Laura Madden Entrepreneur, Life Stylist

I found Phyllis online and was blown away by her unique eye and creativity. It is what made me seek her out to learn more about her vision. I inquired if she did any photography workshops and she responded that she mentored one on one. I jumped at the chance and found myself learning so much more than the technical aspects of photography. Phyllis had me going deeper and finding my creativity. Phyllis was generous with her time and talents, had me assisting on shoots that I could never have had the chance to work on and learn. She is a true artist, visionary, and giver. I highly recommend her as a photographer and creative mentor.

Kim Perina Entrepreneur, photographer, videoagrapher

When I think about my mentoring experience with Phyllis, I smile. The words "beauty", "laughter", and "inspiration" swell in my spirit.
Is she a camera instructor for budding photographers? Probably not. I thought that's what I needed. And I am certain that we could have spent hours on technical training - she has that gift also. But she wouldn't allow it. Over and over, she kept gently, creatively, redirecting me back to what matters most: the heart
Those who will experience her process will learn to get out of their own way and tap into their creative nucleus, the inner child... their deep purpose. They will have a cathartic experience which is great. But what's even better is that you will learn how to tune in to your Guiding Spirit which will continue to blossom long after the 7 week intensive.
Even this very morning, her influence is with me. I am writing. I am shooting. And I know that what I have to bring to this world is more than enough.

Joe Van Wyk Photographer, Graphic Designer, Film maker

A true mentorship comes from the heart. I was wanting to work with Phyllis for 6 years and when her schedule opened up, I was so excited! Working with her for 8 weeks completely changed the way I feel about photography, and how I feel about my myself.
Phyllis showed up for me and allowed me to feel that she was truly focused on my well being and true outcome. She brought the truth and I am forever grateful.

Steven Branstetter Photographer Cinematic Moments

I love Phyllis so much more than a few lines of recommendation. What she has offered me is nothing short of ground breaking.... a chance to see myself in clear 20/20 vision, without the facade of insecurity and ego. It has been the single most influential year of my life working with her. Although I believe anyone can become a leader, there are some born with innate ability to influence. With grace, she has guided me to a path of self awareness, creativity and flow. She leads by example and I have immeasurable gratitude and respect for her.

Dylan Sido former Pro Skateboarder, Photographer

Genuine Transformation

For the last twenty years, I have mentored artists. professionals and clients from around the world sharing what I have learned from my practice and study of creativity and intuition in it’s many forms as an art and a spiritual discipline.

I feel so honored and blessed to share what I have learned from being an artist, walking a pathless path, to being an entrepreneur,  having my own businesses and lessons I have learned a long the way.  I am here to support you in creating deep inner shifts, in sights and lasting change in all areas of life.

As your mentor, I am here to support you help bring insight and  create lasting change in all areas of life.

I would love to hear from you.

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Mentor Session

Mentor Session
$ 250.
Skype, phone ( one session lasting up to one hour and 30 minutes)

7 week intensive

7 week intensive
$ 1500
7 sessions over 7 weeks, Skype, phone