I am Phyllis

parisPhyllis Lane is a visionary artist, photographer, mentor, author and entrepreneur .

Phyllis Lane is a visionary artist, photographer, intuitive mentor, author and entrepreneur. 

Her photography has recently been featured in O Magazine and numerous national publications. One of her products was a “Favorite Thing” on Oprah’s “O” list.

She is the co- founder of Couture Book, a maker of exquisite handmade coffee table books. She is an author of two books “10,000 Hours: You Become What You Practice” and “Surrender to the Flow”.

She is presently taking on editorial assignments in photography, mentoring clients world wide, selling her artwork globally and leading exclusive creativity retreats.

“Phyllis Lane’s visionary photography captures the invisible essence that can only be seen with the heart. She is always ready and willing to be of service. Her life is her message”- Dr. Jacob Liberman, author of Light:Medicine of the Future, Take Off Your Glasses and See, and Wisdom From an Empty Mind

“…her photos are spectacular as her drawings, which are almost as spectacular as she is in person”-Martha Beck, Author, Life Coach, O Magazine Columnist

“Phyllis Lane is a true teacher and a conscious global leader” J.R.



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