I am Phyllis

Who is Phyllis Lane?

Phyllis Lane is a visionary artist, photographer, intuitive coach-mentor, author, creativity coach and life style model.

“Phyllis Lane’s visionary photography captures the invisible essence that can only be seen with the heart. She is always ready and willing to be of service. Her life is her message”- Dr. Jacob Liberman, author of Light:Medicine of the Future.

“Her photos are spectacular as her drawings, which are almost as spectacular as she is in person”-Martha Beck, Author, Life Coach, O Magazine Columnist

“Phyllis Lane is a true teacher and a conscious global leader” J.R.

Phyllis Lane, is a professional photographer for over two decades, known for her intuitive and cutting edge creativity. Her camera has taken her all around the world working with top companies, brands. fashion editorial, celebrity covers, luxury weddings, advertising, catalogs, media branding and nature fine art.

She graduated high school at 16 years old, intending on going to Juilliard School of music for classical piano, got side tracked into being professional fashion model, traveled and modeled in over 25 countries before she was 25, and bought her first camera Nikon FE2 while modeling in Tokyo. At age nineteen, she was asked by an Australia Agency to photograph their mens fashion division, which led her into shooting celebrity covers, fashion editorial,  commercial work and then on to becoming a top luxury wedding photographer.

At around 2004, she began creating her own innovative photo products, where one of designs ended up being featured on Oprahs O list.  Later evolving into  products for photo companies and the eventual creation of a luxury book making company, Couture Book, that systemized a way to turn digital photos into beautiful hand made books, where she and her partner sold in 2017.

She is the author of two books, 10000 Hours You Become What You Practice, and Surrender to the Flow sold currently on Amazon.

Phyllis’s extensive background as a natural born teacher and uplifting guide started as early as 12 years old where she started inspiring and teaching neighborhood kids piano and dance in her living room. She later continued creating her own form of “Artist Way’ groups and creativity retreats using different forms of spontaneous creativity, to go beyond the thinking mind and tap into the Flow.

With over a decade working as mentor and intuitive life coach, she coaches one on one, leading  creativity retreats as a path of optimal wellness and transformation..

She is a certified Functional Medicine Optimal Wellness Coach,  certified Creativity Coach, trained  HeartMath Mentor, certified Energy Medicine Healer and transformational soul coach.

Phyllis’s philanthropic work, directed and created a short documentary film, Unleashing Creativity, where the traveled around the country filming different artist, athletes, creatives, such as Carlos Santana, Steve Nash, Steve McCurry, Gabrielle Roth, Julia Cameron, SARK and many others filming featuring the  importance and the transformation of creativity and how it heals. Along with winning film festivals world wide, the film raised over 100K for the Free Arts of AZ, a non profit that uses creativity to help homeless and underprivileged children.

Her documentary journalism photography has featured United Way, Educare, Portraits of Opportunity, Cass Homeless Shelter and Wildlife Project.


Phyllis is dedicated to seeing beauty in all life. In her spare time you can find her outside enjoying nature, dancing, running country roads, or desert hikes,  practicing piano, doing an ink drawing, photographing a fashion cover, wedding or a bird, doing yoga, reading books, studying the latest brain science, or being with family.


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Today we’d like to introduce you to Phyllis Lane.

Phyllis, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I worked as fashion model with Ford Models NYC when I graduated high school at 16 years old. Traveled to over 25 different countries before I was 25 years old. I bought my first Nikon camera when I was 17 in Tokyo, Japan. I loved photographing people, culture, interesting faces, life moments doing documentary and journalism. While traveling, I started photographing models who were friends or room mates of mine who would ask me to do pictures for their portfolio. At age 19, a model agency in Sydney, saw some pictures I had shot of male model and ask me to photograph their mens division. This is when I decided to seriously pursue the other side of the camera. It really helped being a model first then turned photographer, because I knew about how it felt to be in front of the camera. And after working with so many great photographers, I learned how a photographer could make you look really great or not so great by angles, lighting, and truly seeing you.

From photographing models and doing test shoots it led me to advertising, commercial work, catalogs, weddings, and national magazine work. Now, 20 years photographing, I base in AZ but work all over the world for different assignments. I still have the same passion for photography as I did when I bought my first camera a couple decades ago. I love capturing the essence and beauty of the moment and working and meeting so many amazing people on the way!

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Like any journey, there is always struggles along the way. One of my earliest  obstacles was overcoming my own limiting beliefs in my head… like can I really do this?? can I make a living at photography as an artist? etc.. can I trust in my intuition and creative abilities? …. Your perceptions which come from your beliefs, create your reality. So, committing to the journey, your craft, your art as a process and overcoming resistance on a daily basis is a must.
I also feel it’s important to develop your intuition, your ability to listen to your inner guidance and trust in the flow. Creativity comes from the Unknown and it is beyond your thinking mind. Developing this intuitive skill is essential to creativity and originality.

I also believe in mentors and am a mentor myself. A mentor is a living example of what is possible which one can learn by osmosis, can nurture your potential and steer you in the right direction, and hold the space for your transformation. I think having a mentor is a fast track to success and realizing your dreams.

Please tell us about Phyllis Lane Inc.
I specialize in fashion, luxury, lifestyle, journalism, and adventure! I am known for my creativity, and my ability to capture the essence, the feeling of the moment in a beautiful way. Whether for magazine editorial, lifestyle catalog, advertisement, portraits or high-end weddings, I use what I call “felt perception” which is seeing with the heart, intuition, to capture iconic images.

I think it’s my creativity that sets me a part. I am a very creative intuitive individual. Along with photography, I am an also an artist, creating ink drawings, photographing nature, writing everyday in a journal, dancing, using spontaneous creativity to tap into the flow and inner genius.

I am also an entrepreneur. I, along with my business partner,  created and sold Couture Book, a company that creates beautiful hand made coffee table books for photographers and designers.

I created a patented product that ended up on Oprah’s O list!

I am a currently a life mentor and soul coach  which I love helping other aspiring creatives,  artists, entrepreneurs who are following their own path and needing support. Giving to them what I wish I had along the way.

I am an author, who has written two books that I sell on Amazon, Surrender to the Flow and 10000 Hours You Become What You Practice. (Currently writing the third book!)

And when I am not in these pursuits, I am dancing, meditating, drinking green tea or enjoying nature. (No time for TV watching, lol!)

I am proud of all the work I have done. I put my whole heart into every shoot and give my very best. I am dedicated to the process!

Were there people and/or experiences you had in your childhood that you feel laid the foundation for your success?
I was very fortunate growing up. I had parents who taught me discipline where work came first and then you could play. I came home from school, did my homework, practiced music and then got to go outside and play.

I was very blessed because my parents gave me a lot of opportunities to take classes, hobbies, and learn new things and work with incredible teachers in music, dance, martial arts.

For most of my childhood, I grew up on a farm, on 40 acres of organic apple trees with horses, cows, sheep, goats, chickens, cats and dogs. My place was surrounded by forest at the base of Mt Hood, Oregon.
Growing up in nature with open space, animals and no t.v. or cell phones, allowed my imagination, creativity, and connection to flourish and still is a source of inspiration.

I was an extremely shy and sensitive child. Teachers would say to my parents that I was a very good student, but was very quiet and shy. I had developed deep listening and intuitive abilities which turned into a gift and super power later in life as an intuitive photographer and coach.

In junior high, I was extremely bullied in school where my life was threatened and had to be removed from school and placed into a private school. It was a difficult time for me but by the grace of teachers and my parents who believed in me it fueled my passion for getting out of school early doing two years in one, skipping a grade, graduating high school early and moving to NYC at age 16. I was fast tracked into a world of possibilities and travel.

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