"With the brilliance of a painter, the insight of a sage, the strength of a midwife, and the spirit of a dancer, Phyllis uses her own unique voice to call forth the artist that we all carry within. Surrender To the Flow uses simple language that speaks to the heart. Phyllis asks the reader not to tiptoe but to let go, jump into the river, and join the Creative Flow of life. Here there are no rules, only an opening to our highest creative possibility and pure joyful expressions. I am so grateful that Phyllis is sharing this book with the world!"

Cassie Tolman Creative Spirit and Owner at Pomegranate Cafe

Surrender to the Flow by Phyllis Lane

Everyone has experienced the “flow’ at some time in their life. Athletes call it the ‘zone’ and artists call it ‘inspiration’. It is a non-ordinary state of perception where your entire being is engaged and can access infinite intelligence of intuition, where physical senses are keener and you possess more vitality. It can help you find answers to problems, remove mental blocks, and restore balance in one’s life. It enhances our ability to work with people, cultivates creativity an heightens a sense of adventure and joy. But most of all it connects us to our inner Presence, our divine essence. But as most states of consciousness, it comes and goes.

But what if you could live more from this way of being?

“Surrender to The Flow” is about how you can access this state of heightened awareness in your daily life. It was written for anyone who wants to not only enter the Flow but live from the Flow. Words are only pointers to the flow and to truly experience this dynamic presence, you have to enter the ‘river’ and get wet. This book is a guide to inspire such daily creative practices and perceptive tools that will cultivate this present awareness and inspire one to jump, surrender and trust in the Flow.

"Surrender To The Flow is an excellent book.   It is a living reminder that awareness is curative".

Dr. Jacob Liberman — Author,  Light: Medicine For the Future, Take Off Your Glasses and See, and Wisdom From an Empty Mind

"Surrender to the Flow" is an elegant, wise and practical book for anyone interested in awakening his or her creativity. With deep experience of the creative process and compassion, Phyllis is an artful guide leading you seamlessly into a profound opening to the divine Source. It is not just about creativity but about living, a book that will leave you aware of the simple beauty and harmony of life in flow. I LOVED it!"

Boyd Varty Keynote speaker, author of Cathedral of the Wild

I met Phyllis Lane about twenty years ago at: The Santa Fe Workshops. She is a total badass, not the much you in the neck kind of badass. Not at all. She's the other kind of badass. The creative type, writes, reads, shoots, films, prints, complies, etc. She plays music too, dances, sings probably, does art, it's terrifying. If you think you are doing something just look at her and you will see the new world order. But, that's not the point. The DNA level of her life revolves around "The Flow'. What's flow? Well, read her book silly. What I like about Phyllis is that she just does her thing or THINGS! I should say she doesn't talk about doing something, like writing a book, she just DOES it. Lesson for all of us to take note.

Daniel Milnor Writer, Photographer, Artist, Creator of www.shifter.media.com

I have just finished your book "Surrender to The Flow" and I really loved it. It was perfect timing as I'm currently working towards an exhibition and am exploring the process of surrender and seeing how it affects my art. Your book became the perfect companion to what I was doing. I can see the common threads and understand more now how the fundamentals of the process is always the same. Reading you book reassured me in certain areas, added another perspective/idea/dimension to other areas and also helped me feel more connected to others. So thank you again for sharing. You've inspired me to wake up every morning to do writing sessions (as I tell my resistant mind that I know the value in this, even if it tries to resist!!) and inspired me to be more open in life an also more sharing and less second -guessing with my experiences. I have moved into a period of just enjoying life instead of trying to control it. Thank you!

M. Plum Artist, Australis


"10,000 Hours is full of profoundly practical, illuminated wisdom that leaps and dances off the pages into your heart and into your feeling inspired to BE and EXPAND who you really ARE"

SARK Author, Artist — ‘Succulent Wild Woman’ Planet SARK.com

10,000 Hours: You Become What You Practice by Phyllis Lane

We tend to see the end result when we watch the masters in action. How easily gymnast fly through the air, or pianists play complex pieces, or artist make masterworks. What we do not see are the 10,000 hours of hard work that went into that one moment.

We come masters of our life through the same long term step by step process. There are simple practices for wealth and for poverty, for health and sickness, and for good relationships and bad ones. This book out lines them all and show you how your daily practices added up over time lead you to your ultimate destination.

I wanted to write to you and refer to you as "sensei" ( Japanese word for teacher or master) because I found your book 10,000 Hours: You Become What You Practice HIGHLY educational, inspiring, beneficial to where I am at currently and extremely rich with material that I most likely will be using as resource material to quote in my next book! I write book review's on two sites and will be recommending this book to others!! It was quite amazing how this book came into my field of awareness to even buy it and read it... and I simply want to THANK YOU for writing it, for being of service and sharing the wisdom from your life with others. May our paths cross one day and I can thank you in person!

"I just read your book and all I can say is WOW!"

With SURRENDER TO THE FLOW, I did not expect the exercises that were included and I did not see them coming, but they have stretched me more that I would have expected. I lean more toward my technical/logical side of my brain. And through reading your book, I have become more relaxed and ok with ‘uncertainty’ and the book has increased my level creativity awareness.

With 10000 HOURS YOU BECOME WHAT YOU PRACTICE…. I found this book to be such a vital tool to what I have read, learned and taught over the years. It’s like a microscope that allows you to see deeper into things that you know but now can see them clearer and it forces me to take action, eliminates my excuses and provides a simple step by step approach to move to the next level. ( again I haven’t even began to scratch the surface of what this book has done for me). I will say as a result of reading it, I have recommitted my self to completing my book on career strategies!

I over see personal development programs am planning on adding your book to our curriculum! In this program the books will go to, are designed to move people from poverty to becoming more resourceful. Thank you again for sharing your books!

R. Allen — VP, Human Resources and Organizational Development Goodwill Industries Inc

Phyllis does a beautiful job in !0,000 Hours; You Become What You Practice of explaining why everything we want, whether it is health, wealth, relationships or mastery, require constant and steady practice. Highly recommended!!

Eric Maisel Author, Coaching the Artist Within


Documentary Film: Unleashing Creativity

Synopsis: We traveled the country and interviewed artists, writers, musicians, athletes, children, dancers, neuroscientists, photographers, filmmakers, and others who each have a unique perspective on creativity and why it is so important.

Directed by Phyllis Lane and Alejandra Nash