Journey to Enchantment



I decided to to take a couple days away from the city and escape to Sedona. I needed some time to reconnect to the silence. I also needed to clear out anything I have been holding onto.  Expectations, buried feelings etc…I decided to go to the Enchantment Resort because of conference that was being held there called “woman arising”.  The conference featured amazing woman and writer, Clarissa Pinkola Estes who wrote “Women Who Run With the Wolves” and now her latest’ “Untie the Strong Woman”.   Two important books that honor  the importance of staying connected to your intuitive, wild nature, your inner creative, wise self.


As I first arrived at the resort, I was moved to tears by the beauty everywhere I looked. The silence was so nurturing and the smell of fresh air revitalizing! I went to the lobby to check in but the room wasn’t going to be ready for a couple hours. The lady at the desk said there is a Medicine Man – an old Apache Medicine Healer if you want to go on a Medicine Walk with him.  Sure. I said. And next thing I was out in nature listening to the wise stories and wisdom of this soulful Medicine Man. At the end of our walk, he said he wanted to do an Apache Blessing on me. So in his native  tongue, he begin to chant. I closed my eyes and took in his blessing and felt a huge shift. I really felt I was releasing all of the negative energy, and blocks that I had been carrying around for some time.  I felt this huge release. Afterwards, he looked in my eyes and he said you aren’t here for man, you are here for Source, for the Great Creator, the Great Spirit, surrender over to that and you will rise to your  greatest potential. This was the beginning of a magical couple days. And as I spent my mornings and evenings in pure silence, I spent  one of my days listening to amazing women. I swam in the pool that was surrounded by mountains and  ate delicious organic food.  I reconnected with an old friend, Wendy, who is a soul sister and healer. And we shared an amazing afternoon in the sun, breeze, tress and birds. I had reconnected. And as I drove back to the city, I had all the windows down, the wind was blowing, and a new energy, a new joy had come over me. My heart was open, I was listening again. And I felt a new chapter was beginning…..All I could say is… thank-you.